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Ask our Healthcare Professionals...

Why should someone take digestive enzymes if enzymes are already in foods and produced by the body?

What are Enzymes? 

They are specialized proteins that function as a catalyst in almost all cell function and chemical reactions throughout the body. They can also be found in many raw food choices.

Different enzymes have different jobs. Enzymes play a critical role in healing the body, growth, and

reproduction. Some play a key role in breathing, thinking, immune function, hormone regulation,

detoxification and other biochemical functions. They are also necessary for digesting food nutrients and

converting nutrients into energy in the cells.


Why would we supplement with digestive enzymes? 

By supplementing with specialized enzymes, food is broken down into nutrients and those nutrients are being used for energy in your cells. It promotes healthy gastrointestinal function. It really comes down to the food choice consumption and the body’s ability to produce enzymes to break that food down. If the foods consumed have been through processes such as pasteurization, microwaving, sterilization, and other high temperature cooking processes, this can destroy the foods natural enzymes. If the food lack sufficient food enzymes then our bodies need to be directed toward enzyme production. The body is reproducing enzymes all the time. As we age the body becomes less efficient and as a result produces less enzymes. These changes can cause problems such as the body producing less lactase, an enzyme the body needs to digest milk sugars.


What happens if the food doesn’t get broken down?

If food isn’t broken down the food particles sit and create toxicity in the body. Digestive issues such as

pain, gas, bloating, and inflammatory issues can arise and eventually may lead to potential immune

system or other health issues.


How does stress effect digestions?

Also stress can be a component to not digesting food properly. If you are not chewing your food and

making it mush in your mouth before swallowing, you are not creating the juices necessary to create the

enzyme activity. You essentially gained little if any nutritional value. Try to slow down and enjoy your

food. If you have digestive issues please consult your doctor first and discuss medications interactions if any before starting on supplementation.


~Julie Haufe, LMT and dōTERRA Advocate

*Ask Our Healthcare Professionals is a weekly opportunity to ask our team any question you have. Answers are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or dysfunction and are intended for general informational purposes only. Submit your questions by email to, and feel free to leave out any identifying information if you prefer!

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