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Ask our Healthcare Professionals...

 If I have borderline diabetes, high blood sugar, or pre-diabetes, what can I do to decrease my risk of it getting worse?

That's a great question and one that I'm afraid most people fail to ask. Borderline diabetes, high blood sugar, sugar sensitivity, glucose intolerance, and pre-diabetes are all essentially different names for the same problem. To put it simply, if you've been given one of these diagnosis, a blood test has revealed that your body is not able to process or metabolize sugar correctly. If this problem progresses or gets worse and your body completely loses the ability to correctly metabolize sugars you will develop full blown diabetes. The ravages on the body of diabetes are well-known and include, but are certainly not limited to, accelerated heart disease, stroke, peripheral neuropathy, kidney damage, leg ulcers, vision problem, chronic infections, and more. 


The good news is if you've been fortunate enough to discover that your body is not handling sugars the way it should, there are a number of things you can do to slow the progression to diabetes if not completely reverse it. 


  • Changing to a healthy diet high in fresh vegetables, lean meats, and healthy dairy. 

  • Following a diet low in preservatives and refined sugars and opting for complex over simple carbohydrates can help your body better process the sugar you do consume. 

  • Engaging in regular exercise.

  • Lowering residual body fat.

  • Limiting alcohol.

  • Reducing stress.


Far too many people think if they just cut out the sweets like ice cream, cakes, and cookies that's all they need to do. Nothing could be further from the truth. I strongly encourage my patients to meet with a health coach and/or dietitian to learn more about what foods are high in carbohydrates (sugars of all kinds both sweet and not sweet), what exercise is best for them, and to help them in making permanent changes to their lifestyle.


Pre-diabetes is not a death sentence, or even a guarantee that you will develop diabetes. It's a warning shot over the bow. It's your body letting you know it's losing the battle against sugar and it's asking for help. 


~Dr. Lawrence Hutchison, MD

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