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What’s all the talk about CBD oil?

Cannabinol (CBD) oil is a dietary supplement derived from the purified extracted oils of the industrial hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. A plant that is part of the cannabis family, but not one of the cannabis varieties that are commonly called marijuana. CBD oil is widely available from online distributors and from retail stores across Iowa as its use is becoming increasingly more popular due to the growing awareness of its possible health and wellness benefits. CBD oil is not a cure all, it is not a medicine, and it is not for everyone. However, many people find it helpful in controlling symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, and depression, and research continues into its medical and and general health uses. 


Hemp oil extracts sold as dietary supplements are distinctly different from the medical grade products controlled by the Iowa Department of Public Health and contain less than the federal limit of 0.3% THC (the high producing type of cannabinoid found in marijuana and medical grade CBD oil compounds). In 2018 the Federal DEA declassified cannabinoids from schedule 1 status and the FDA has not elected to ‘regulate’ their use, thus relegating products with less than 0.3% THC to the status of dietary supplements. The Iowa Department of Public Health put out a position statement in December of 2018 stating that these widely available CBD products where not under their jurisdiction as are the medical grade products sold through the five state controlled dispensaries that require a physicians authorization to obtain and use. Furthermore, they cautioned against their use as they are not regulated by the FDA and thus safety, content of THC, and purity from contamination is not assured. 


We recognize and have seen first hand the significant improvement in quality of life for many of our patients using Hemp oil extracts, but are likewise concerned about quality and safety issues from the use of these unregulated supplements. In an effort to help our patients who choose to explore this option to do so as safely as possible, we have researched and reviewed a number of the available products and found that the HempWorx Co. is a highly reputable supplier with rigorous safety standards, strict quality control measures and third party purity testing. 


As with all dietary supplements and vitamins, there may be medical interactions and adverse effects from the use of CBD oil of even the highest quality. Just because they are organic and natural does not mean they are safe and appropriate for all people. Please consult your medical provider before starting any new supplements.


~Dr. Lawrence Hutchison, MD and Medical Director Statera, LLC

*Ask Our Healthcare Professionals is a weekly opportunity to ask our team any question you have. Answers are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or dysfunction and are intended for general informational purposes only. Submit your questions by email to, and feel free to leave out any identifying information if you prefer!

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