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Ask our Healthcare Professionals...

What is Reiki and is it okay for me to do?

Reiki is often misunderstood and overlooked as a healing practice. Reiki is a natural, ancient healing practice that channels energy where it is needed to help rebalance the body. It is safe, non-invasive, and touch-free. Reiki assists the body’s natural healing process through the channeling of subtle energy. It promotes pain management, concentration, relaxation, and sleep. It also helps with stress and anxiety relief as well as releasing toxins from the body. Reiki can also be channeled to increase awareness and personal growth. 


Many people wonder if Reiki is a religion, it is not. Reiki also does not infringe on religious beliefs. Reiki practitioners and people receiving Reiki are not asked to hold any specific religious or spiritual beliefs nor do they have to change any beliefs they already have. The only requirement for Reiki treatments is to be open to receiving the healing energy. 


Reiki has a positive effect on all physical and mental illnesses and injuries. It can be used in conjunction with traditional treatments and therapies from doctors, therapist, and healing practitioners. Reiki is safe during pregnancy and open to all ages. 


Statera offers several Reiki session options... 

~ 30 minute or 60 minute individual session

~Reiki may be added to any massage therapy option

~60 minute Yoga/Reiki combo session


To schedule visit our location, call 563-207-8932, or click below!


~Bridget Leary, Certified Yoga Instructor with the Yoga Alliance, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach

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