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Ask our Healthcare Professionals...

Do I need to practice a certain religion to be able to see Chris for Spiritual Direction, Pre-Marital Preparation, or Marriage Enrichment? 

Great question, and one that requires some explanation beyond a simple yes or no. While my

personal faith is Christian, I never impose my views, and I respect all viewpoints. Thus, I will

meet with any adult regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, socioeconomic status,

marital status, sexuality, education, or creed. If, however, a client is Christian, and desires that

perspective, I can offer these services from a thoroughly Christ-centered, Bible-based viewpoint.

I offer spiritual direction, premarital counseling, and marriage enrichment to single or married adults or couples.


Regardless of the current state of your relationship with God or lack of, or your current religion

or denomination or lack of, you could benefit from my spiritual direction if any of the following

describes your life. Do you feel like you just keep hitting the same wall and need to break

through into freedom? Do you feel trapped in the self-defeating lies of shame? Are you confused

about how to respond in a healthy way to a current struggle or life decision? Are you finding it

hard to forgive, feel forgiven, or to grieve? Spiritual direction introduces you to spiritual

practices that can help foster increased freedom, joy, creativity, and courage, and enhanced

closeness in your relationships.


The pre-marital preparation or marriage enrichment relationship assessment I use, which forms

the structure and content of our discussion, is through Prepare/Enrich. This assessment has

helped over 4,000,000 couples prepare for a lifelong, healthy marriage or to reclaim a strong and

satisfying relationship in every season of life. This assessment is customizable for couples who

profess to be Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish, or who profess no faith or religion.


I offer these services using a sliding fee scale based on family income with rates from $60-$80

per session. The premarital prep and marriage enrichment options are a package that includes a

comprehensive relationship assessment and 8, one-hour sessions, and those rates range from

$275-$395. Appointments can be made by calling 563-207-8932, through our website, or by clicking the link below.

~Rev. Dr. Christopher English MA, MDIV, DMIN

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