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Ask our Health Care Professionals

Ask Our Healthcare Professionals is a weekly opportunity to ask our team any question you have anonymously. Answers are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or dysfunction and are intended for general informational purposes only.

How can I eat healthy to boost my immune system and stay healthy through the cold and flu season?

When should I see a doctor vs a nurse practitioner?

Do I need to practice a certain religion to be able to see Chris for Spiritual Direction, Pre-

Marital Preparation, or Marriage Enrichment? 

What’s all the talk about CBD oil?

What is Binge Eating Disorder?

How does caffeine intake (particularly coffee) affect your metabolism or ability (or lack thereof) to lose weight successfully?

I am always struggling with healthy options for snacks on the go. Do you have any suggestions?

What is the minimal amount of workout time needed to effectively benefit my body?

I’ve heard that breastfeeding is important, but I don’t know much about it. What can I do to make sure I’m doing it the right way?

How can I use essential oils in my healthcare?

When should we see a counselor vs marriage enrichment?

How can Physical Therapy help with dizziness?

What is Reiki and is it okay for me to do?

Is Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Safe?

Orthorexia: When does healthy eating become disordered eating?

Does it really matter how much sleep I get?

I love using essential oils, but I have heard that some of them have an estrogenic /hormonal effect. As a ER+ breast cancer survivor, I am wondering if I need to avoid certain oils.

With Valentine's Day coming up, I would like to be intimate with my partner, but ever since I gave birth it has been uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. What do I do?

I'm looking to start a Pilates program. Should I do Mat Pilates or Equipment Based Pilates?

 If I have borderline diabetes, high blood sugar, or pre-diabetes, what can I do to decrease my risk of it getting worse?

A friend of mine goes to a personal trainer and he takes his 10 year-old son with him.  I can see my friend going, but isn’t a 10 year old too young work out?

I’ve heard about music therapy and am intrigued, but am confused about what populations would benefit from a 1:1 session. Can you clarify for me?

Why should someone take digestive enzymes if enzymes are already in foods and produced by the body?

Is yoga a religion?

Do we really need to take supplements if I eat a pretty healthy diet, I hear you can’t absorb them anyway?

I have heard about “counting your Macros.” What are they and should I count them?

I have heard about dry brushing. How do you dry brush and what are the benefits?

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