“Integrative Health” brings conventional and complementary approaches together. The term “Complementary Health” includes practices and products of non-mainstream origin, such as dietary supplements (herbs, vitamins and minerals, or probiotics), mind and body practices (for example, chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, meditation, relaxation training, yoga), and more. The use of integrative approaches to health and wellness has grown within care settings across the United States, and researchers are currently exploring the potential benefits of integrative health.

Using an integrative approach to care, practitioners are able to focus on the whole person, personalizing treatment according to each client’s unique needs. At Statera, we understand the importance of the connection between clients and practitioners and focus on building relationships of trust and open communication as we work on health and healing together, mind, body, and spirit. Combining traditional medicine with proven practices from other healing traditions around the world, our team of care providers will better be able to promote optimal health and healing for our clients.