I’ve been struggling with Plantar Fasciitis for nearly two years. As it became progressively worse, I quit a lot of activities that I love and the pain made me focus too much on what I couldn’t do. I stopped running, playing tennis, long hikes — even grocery shopping and driving a car was too daunting at times. Getting out of bed was the worst. I saw podiatrists, orthopaedic surgeons, ankle & foot specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists and other massage therapists. Exercising, not exercising, changing my diet, cortisone injections, pain meds, gadgets, exercises, ice — even a boot cast and crutches — created more and different pain and no relief. An acquaintance in another city told me he’d been down the same path for the same amount of time and found relief in myofascial release massage twice a week for a few months. I was really ready to give up, but called Julie Haufe who had helped me before. Julie really listened to what I was going through and what all I had tried. I’ve been seeing her for less than 2 months, twice a week for deep massage and Neuro-Reset Therapy (NRT), and I am so excited to be nearly pain free! I know I’m on the right path and I’ve found the right people to help me fully recover. I just wish I would’ve done it a lot sooner, because Julie is fantastic!


While in my pilates class, I am so body aware – I don’t even hear the music! In just two weeks, I have new and expanded movement from yoga and pilates classes at Statera. I needed so any of the treatments and services offered and feel so fortunate to have this all in one place. Statera hit on something here – and it is truly the future of wellness.

— John

I saw Lindsey on many different occasions for several years. If possible I would clone her because I have retired to NV, where it is warmer. I want her here. I truly believe Lindsey is the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. She is hard working, observant, and professional. I also am proud to say she is a compassionate woman with a big heart. I would like to share a story. I am in a wheelchair. I was in physical therapy and my daughter was going to be married in three months. I used a walker some. I used a walker in therapy and also a walking stick (they had put stoppers on both ends of an old mop handle). I was determined to walk my daughter down the isle some how, may it be with a walker or what have you. I told Lindsey of my determination and she was also determined. With some very hard work, determination, and a fantastic physical therapist, I walked my daughter down the isle using just a walking stick.That was an amazing accomplishment and quite the surprise to my daughter and everyone in the room. Because of my ataxia, I would have therapy one or two times a year. She once noticed as I stood my ankle would roll in. She got me a plastic boot to hold my ankle straight and I could wear in the pool. She is a dedicated amazing therapist that is worth her weight in gold. I would recommend anyone to her for her help and/or advise. She knows her stuff!


I went to Leslie Kremer, Pelvic Physical Therapist, when I was 20 weeks pregnant with severe lower back and tail bone pain; I have felt amazing ever sense! I would definitely recommend her to anyone of my pregnant friends or family. Leslie is not only amazing at what she does but, listens to exactly what your having problems with and corrects the issue. Thank you so, much for relieving all the pain and pressure I was having. I will definitely be coming back towards the end of my pregnancy!

— Haley

I had been dealing with pelvic floor issues since the birth of my first son just over one year ago. Leslie helped identify areas that needed work and attention and provided a thorough and thoughtful evaluation I needed to help my issues resolve.

— Tory