Statera offering FREE weekly Lunch N Learn sessions every Friday from 12:10 to 12:50. Bring your lunch and receive health and wellness education on a range of topics including Gut Health, Hormone Therapy, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils, Pilates, Pain Management, Acupuncture, Biometric testing, Nutrition and more.

New topic every week
June 29 ~ Healthy Happy Hour. Do you get confused on what is really healthy? Come out for our Lunch N Learn Happy Hour of healthy guidance with snacks and drinks on Eli Licht, Health and Wellness Coach.

July 6 ~ Aromatherapy and using Essential Oils Presentation – Julie Haufe, Licensed Massage Therapist

July 13 ~ Healthy outside? How Healthy is your inside? Biometric Testing Presentation – Garett Joseph, BS Health Coach

July 20 ~ TMJ – How to stop jaw pain Q & A Panel – Lynn Randall – Chiropractor, Leslie Kremer – PT, Nicole Hutchison – PT, Julie Haufe – LMT

July 27 ~ Reigniting Your Spirit. Feeling depleted? Imbalanced? Empty? Exhausted? These can be signs that you are spiritually disconnected. We are all spirits living a human existence. In today’s fast-paced, busy world, we can forget to take time to nurture our spirit and only identify with our physical form. Linda Peterson, PHD, Life Coach

August 3 ~ Equipment Based Pilates Health Benefits Presentation – Malia Ridgway, Pilates

August 10 ~ Has summer taken a toll on your complexion? Skin health and Rejuvenation by Megan Reisch, DNP – Aesthetic Medicine

August 17 ~ Chronic Pain Management Q & A Panel – Ashley Oberbroeckling – Acupuncturist, Lynn Randall, Chiropractor, Candice Chaloupka, Leslie Kremer – PT, Candice Chaloupka – Mental Health Counselor, Nutritional Counseling, Julie Haufe – LMT

August 24 ~ Acupuncture Overview Presentation – Ashley Oberbroeckling, Acupuncturist

August 31 ~ Food Mood Presentation – Candice Chaloupka, Nutritional Counselor